Chemistry & Character

"The more you move up the ladder of success in the NBA, character, chemistry and intelligence become more valuable.  Talent becomes less valuable.  There are 10 teams in the league that have enough talent to win a championship.  There are probably three, by the end of the playoffs that have the character and the chemistry to actually win the championship.  And you're eliminated somewhere along the way by your chemistry, by your character or by your intelligence, not by your talent." - George Karl

Each member of your team engages in 4 different ways that are key to team chemistry and character:

Chemistry & Character.png

As your athletes are identifying their individual and group tasks/skills, have they identified their RELATIONAL role on the team or as an individual?  Often down the stretch of the season, having a fully engaged team will be the deciding factor Coach Karl refers to. That process starts early in the season but is most evident at the end.  What are you doing in your practices to reinforce the value and significance of every individual and their role on the team?

The time given to each aspect is not nearly as important as the process of engaging your athletes holistically.  Does your practice plan reflect this? The skill you, as coach, must master is knowing your athletes and your team.  The challenge of balancing time and attention to each dimension is critical.