Trust is built with Consistency.

One of the greatest challenges we face in life is to continually give our best effort regardless of circumstances. Sports provide us a great microcosm of that; and an opportunity to safely test our limits. To consistently give our best effort and pursue excellence is what separates us from “the pack”. 

Shortcutting and settling creep in when we start to get comfortable with a routine and lose interest and/or focus on improving. For athletes this is often a reflection of what the coach is doing. Are you still putting forth the effort and energy to plan and run the best practice you possibly can, or have you started settling for recycling from previous practices? Your consistency in giving your best effort as a coach is directly reflected in the attitude and effort your athletes enter practice with each day. If you have started to settle and lose consistency, go back to your original plan you made for this season and realign today’s practice with your overall goals…which means you should be doing something new and different to keep up with the progress your team is making.

As you maintain consistency in a world that lacks it greatly, your athletes will recognize you as a person worthy of trust. Trust is the foundation all of your coaching is built on. Be trustworthy, show your athletes what it looks like to be consistent, and they will start to follow suit.